What did Margery do with those stamped dominos?

She played

and played

and played…

and then she played some more…

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and then she played some more and created a .gif file for her Photoshop II homework.

More Mandalas…

I am hooked on mandalas…

Even before Maggie Macnab’s Design Principles class at SFCC I was having fun creating mandalas. But for the last two days I must have made over 50 of them!! It started with the Illustrator file that has a very cool “piece of the pie” clipping mask which gets transferred to all the rest of the pie. I posted about it last week here.

Since then I had fun playing with my favorite color combinations and created the following.

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Butterfly Stamped Domino

Just wait until you see the 50+ that I created from this image I made in scanning class.

Way too much Fun!!