Deer Woman Photoshop II midterm

My assignment was to create a mythical creature using a minimum of five pictures. We were given a huge list of creatures to pick from. I think picking a creature was the hardest part of this assignment as there were sooooooo many to neat ones to choose from.  It was serendipitous when my deer woman evolved, into a pregnant deer woman, as I searched for the photos for her. I later learned that in one of her back stories she does represent fertility.

Below, are some of my inspiration photos. When I found the photo below, on the left, I decided to make her pregnant. Then I started searching for pictures of pregnant woman and found this VERY COOL one in the middle. It even had my Photoshop teacher Alison questioning, for about half a second, if it was real…”is it…do you…oh surely it is photoshopped”. She had me laughing.

Below are the photos I used to create my Deer Woman.

When I was done creating her I had a blast with Photoshop’s filter gallery and applied the different effects to create these.