Web I Final

In the spring of 2016 I took Web I at SFCC. Below is the website I design for my final project. The site displayed some of my art and crafts.

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Web II Tess Eggs

For my Web II midterm I decided to create the web pages I designed last fall as my final project for my SFCC Design in the Real World class. Below I used the skills I learned in my Photoshop class to create these web page mock ups. This  .GIF file shows my final web page designs and my final business card designs for Tess Eggs. Which contains a few versions of the home page to capture it rolling announcement bar and background image.MargeryAlbillarTessEggs

HomeHere, are the screen shots of my competed web pages. I came pretty close to my proposed design. What I was unable to capture in my screen shot is that I applied some CSS tricks to the hover state of my links and the white box background rotates horizontally and changes to the olive color.