My Little Teapot

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One of our class projects was to hand build, an item of our choosing, out of three thrown slabs of clay. To create the slab, we first threw a bottomless cylinder. Before removing it from the wheel, we sometimes used our wire cutter to slice it into one, or two pieces, which would lay flat. I found two pieces easier to remove from the wheel, then one long piece.

For my teapot I used a cylinder which I did not slice, it was removed from the wheel, placed on a board and shaped like a pear to harden up a bit. The sides of the teapot are another cylinder sliced into two pieces and laid flat to dry. Once my clay hardened up a bit, I laid my pear shaped piece on top of one of the side pieces and cut around it. I scored and slipped the pieces before attaching them. I did the same for the other side. I used a wooden spatula to paddle and shape the spout area to be narrower than the rest of the body of the teapot. I used a wooden dowel to paddle the feet of the pot. I used the extra clay from the sides to make the handle, lid and spout.

Before glazing, I waxed the sides and bottom of the lid, and a small lip on the top of the teapot, and the hole where the lid sits. Along with the holes in the spout area. I used Butter Ranch glaze, and regret that I didn’t allow it to spread around the inside of the pot better. I was afraid I would clog my spout’s holes, which I should have made as one big hole instead of the several little ones I did.

I really enjoyed hand building, and I am very excited for my Functional Clay class, which starts next week.

Play Doh extruder fun!

I finally broke down and bought a new play doh extruder. I hunted for a used one at the thrift store but they never had the correct size round hole.

Today I built myself a clay worktop by covering an old board with a cheap 100% cotton shower curtain. I wrapped it around the board to the back side, pulled it very tight and stapled it. The little squares on the cloth came in very handy today as a measuring device.

It was a beautiful fall day to play with my new toys outside under the vine walk. This is the start of something 🙂

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I wasn’t to thrilled with it, until I paddled it. Which flatten it all out and changed the round balls into triangle shaped pieces. That is what I love about clay, the unexpected happy moments.

I plan on adding three feet and maybe some drainage holes in the bottom, Joe requested a little sieve for rinsing grapes. I might also add some decoration sprigs around the rim, or maybe two two handles, or both.