My first four thrown bowls

First assignment of 5 cylinders and 5 mugs (with 3 pulled, and 2 never seen before mugs) is behind me and now we have moved onto bowls.

I was quite surprised to learn that bowls are made from cylinders too! Although according to Frannie, our teacher, they have a lazy bottom, and lazy sides that you then shape. NO HIPS allowed! What is a hip? It is a bump that most beginners create in the bottom of the bowl. She taught us to remove the hip, starting above the hip pushing it down and into the middle of the bottom of the bowl. Much easier said than done!

Our next assignment is to throw 7 bowls that are completely different shapes. Here are my first three bowls thrown and trimmed. I admit the second and third look more like pots on the outside, but they DO look like bowls on the inside 🙂

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Below is my forth thrown bowl fresh off the wheel, it still needs to be trimmed.


Out of the Kiln

My first set of cylinders and mugs out of the kiln. Good thing my classmate Toni showed me where to look AND to look for something a light pink! I never would have thought my grey wet clay, that turned white when dry, would change to pink when fired.

These items were in the kiln for appropriately 24 hours, with a one hour preheat, the cone setting was 04 (for my NM Sol cone 10 clay) at a slow setting. Two of my items were fired with another batch, due to being too wet to put in with the first batch. They were unloaded today (after I took pictures) and I am very happy to say they all survived.

Boy did the big chunka one (not pictured here) shrink, thank goodness.

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My work ready for the kiln

In class tonight we learned how to load the kiln. I was surprised how much you can fit into one. Not everything of mine was dry enough to load. I was able to tell by how cold it felt when held against my cheek or inside of my wrist.

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3 Mugs with handles attached

Tonight I pulled three handles with much better success than the first night I tried. Must have a very light touch and gently squeeze from the top of the carrot (of clay) downward. And, wait until my right hand is off the clay before rotating the carrot or shit 🙂

I really enjoy the trimming process. Very meditative! I put a hand mirror in front of the wheel to watch what I was trimming. Works much better than leaning over to the side to check. Dang dollar store mirror is warped, good thing it was only a dollar.

Tonight’s progress.

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