Crazy Cat Lady

My tessellation has turned me into a crazy cat lady! Good thing they don’t need a litter box.




Cat Tessellation

For Design Principles class, Maggie taught us how to make Tessellations using Illustrator. After a little lot of practice with the pathfinder and shape builder tools, I am a pro at turning a square into two cats. I probably should make a video for myself. We all know if we don’t use it, we lose it.

Below, is a video I watched that taught me how to transform the patterns Illustrator offers. I was able to scale and rotate them at will. Now I just need to figure out how to adjust the colors. I was searching for the hue adjustment that I would use in Photoshop. Probably hidden in there somewhere. Maybe I should watch the video to the end?


Deer Woman Photoshop II midterm

My assignment was to create a mythical creature using a minimum of five pictures. We were given a huge list of creatures to pick from. I think picking a creature was the hardest part of this assignment as there were sooooooo many to neat ones to choose from.  It was serendipitous when my deer woman evolved, into a pregnant deer woman, as I searched for the photos for her. I later learned that in one of her back stories she does represent fertility.

Below, are some of my inspiration photos. When I found the photo below, on the left, I decided to make her pregnant. Then I started searching for pictures of pregnant woman and found this VERY COOL one in the middle. It even had my Photoshop teacher Alison questioning, for about half a second, if it was real…”is it…do you…oh surely it is photoshopped”. She had me laughing.

Below are the photos I used to create my Deer Woman.

When I was done creating her I had a blast with Photoshop’s filter gallery and applied the different effects to create these.

Web II Tess Eggs

For my Web II midterm I decided to create the web pages I designed last fall as my final project for my SFCC Design in the Real World class. Below I used the skills I learned in my Photoshop class to create these web page mock ups. This  .GIF file shows my final web page designs and my final business card designs for Tess Eggs. Which contains a few versions of the home page to capture it rolling announcement bar and background image.MargeryAlbillarTessEggs

HomeHere, are the screen shots of my competed web pages. I came pretty close to my proposed design. What I was unable to capture in my screen shot is that I applied some CSS tricks to the hover state of my links and the white box background rotates horizontally and changes to the olive color.




More Mandalas…

I am hooked on mandalas…

Even before Maggie Macnab’s Design Principles class at SFCC I was having fun creating mandalas. But for the last two days I must have made over 50 of them!! It started with the Illustrator file that has a very cool “piece of the pie” clipping mask which gets transferred to all the rest of the pie. I posted about it last week here.

Since then I had fun playing with my favorite color combinations and created the following.

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Butterfly Stamped Domino

Just wait until you see the 50+ that I created from this image I made in scanning class.

Way too much Fun!!

Scannology ~ Say What?


Scannology ~ playing with your scanner in a whole new way… 


Crocheted for Lexi in 2011

On day three of my MART 186 Scanning Techniques class at SFCC we learned about scanning 3D objects. In the past, I have had lots of experience scanning items… but, I still learned things, from LeAnne Summers, I did not know. One of them was playing around with moving an item while it was being scanned! I started with this crocheted skull’s head I made for Lexi back in 2011. She and Damian were both in their skull phase As you can see this project (a scarf) was never finished… it is still in pieces. Oh well! If it wasn’t I’m sure I would not have had the opportunity to play with it now (Lexi surely would have left the scarf somewhere…sorry babe :o)

img002For my first attempt,

I placed the skull’s head sideways at the top of the scanner’s bed and slowly pulled the skull’s head down the scanning bed as it was being scanned. On the right side of this image you will see how the scanned image was stretched out as I very slowly (about as fast as the scan head was moving) moved the skull’s head in the same direction. Now I am wondering why I didn’t think to move it the other way (up toward the top) to see what would happen with the image. On the left side of this image you can see where I moved the skull’s head faster than the scan head was scanning and parts of the skull’s head were not scanned.


I tried the same moving technique again but this time… I let a bit of the skull’s head be scanned and then moved it and the same part was again scanned. I did this seven times apparently.  For these scans I had the skull’s head directly on the scanning bed and used my hand to move the skull’s head. You can see I scanned my hand 😦


I decided to see if I could make the teeth on the skull’s head grow. Again I placed the skull’s head at the top of the scanning bed. I waited until most of it had been scanned and then I moved the skull’s head down so the top of the teeth were even with the scan head. Can you tell how many times I moved it? At least six or more. The later moves (toward the bottom of the picture) I moved about the same speed as the scanners head, so it kept scanning the same part of the teeth over and over again. Too bad the teeth were not straighter… I almost accomplished what I wanted.

Ok, that was fun!

img009Now lets see…

what moving it around in circles while scanning will do? Here, I left the skull’s head in the center of the scanning bed and moved it to the left as the scanning head passed by. Oops! my dang hand was captured again. To avoid this I placed the skull’s head on a sheet of plastic. This allowed me to move the skull’s head without capturing my hand, but created a new problem. In the scans below when I had to lift the plastic (just a bit to get it up off the glass and over the lip of the scanner around the bed) it was just enough to create a hazy effect and in some places a rainbow effect due to the reflection of the plastic.

While scanning the two images below I moved the skull’s head down the scanning bed as I rotated it in a circle.

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Photoshop II Movie Poster Rough Draft

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For our final we are to create a poster and cd cover for the SFCC Film Department’s movie ~ The Last Prisoner. Above are my first two rough drafts. I realized too late that I need to be more generic with the face on my women.


All of my pictures are from Pixabay and are © free images. I was very pleased with the variety to select from to demonstrate the story of the Omega prison.


I will most likely develop the version with the men in the shape of the omega symbol. I will remove the large face. Swap out the top and bottom images and make the dancer a black silhouette. I will also look for a better font and remove my favorite part 😦 which is the hand with the butterfly on the finder.

Less is more!

~ my Husband

Mandalas created using Illustrator

MargerysMandalaPinkThis week in Design Principles

We are creating a personal mandala. I found this wonderful video which helped me learn how to create a grid and use a clipping mask. It is so awesome I just draw in one piece of the pie and Illustrator automatically clips and copies to the other pieces of my pie.


My dream

How to draw a Mandala in Adobe Illustrator

Here is a link to dagubi’s website

Flourish Mandala custom vector brushes

where you may purchase (if you have a paypal account) the custom brushes he created which help him achieve some of the effects his mandalas contain.