Name Totem

In my Design Principles class we created our Name Totem. Inspired by John Langdon,  click here to view his.

I created many different versions and had a blast. I downloaded ten thousand new fonts (OK, maybe not THAT many) and played for hours in Illustrator adjusting them just so. I picked the tulip shaped one to turn in.

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My second favorite is the dragon one. It reminds me of what a bad-ass I can be 😉

Cat Tessellation

For Design Principles class, Maggie taught us how to make Tessellations using Illustrator. After a little lot of practice with the pathfinder and shape builder tools, I am a pro at turning a square into two cats. I probably should make a video for myself. We all know if we don’t use it, we lose it.

Below, is a video I watched that taught me how to transform the patterns Illustrator offers. I was able to scale and rotate them at will. Now I just need to figure out how to adjust the colors. I was searching for the hue adjustment that I would use in Photoshop. Probably hidden in there somewhere. Maybe I should watch the video to the end?


More Mandalas…

I am hooked on mandalas…

Even before Maggie Macnab’s Design Principles class at SFCC I was having fun creating mandalas. But for the last two days I must have made over 50 of them!! It started with the Illustrator file that has a very cool “piece of the pie” clipping mask which gets transferred to all the rest of the pie. I posted about it last week here.

Since then I had fun playing with my favorite color combinations and created the following.

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Butterfly Stamped Domino

Just wait until you see the 50+ that I created from this image I made in scanning class.

Way too much Fun!!

Mandalas created using Illustrator

MargerysMandalaPinkThis week in Design Principles

We are creating a personal mandala. I found this wonderful video which helped me learn how to create a grid and use a clipping mask. It is so awesome I just draw in one piece of the pie and Illustrator automatically clips and copies to the other pieces of my pie.


My dream

How to draw a Mandala in Adobe Illustrator

Here is a link to dagubi’s website

Flourish Mandala custom vector brushes

where you may purchase (if you have a paypal account) the custom brushes he created which help him achieve some of the effects his mandalas contain.

Margery’s Personal Symbol

For her Design Principals class, Margery needed to create a personal symbol.

Margery’s symbol is meant to represent, her love of creating (two hands), her creating or molding her courage to stick up for herself (molding the lion as if with clay, her fingers creating the lion’s mane) and her taming the beast with her loving energy (the heart shape the hands make surrounding the lion) The beast is her inner demons and her adversaries too.

This is the latest revision


Margery created these different draft versions using Adobe Illustrator.