Liz pushed us today!

Liz Hunt, my throwing one teacher at SFCC really had it out for us today!

We were instructed to have 6 balls of clay wedged up and ready to go at 10 AM.


First, we had 12 minutes to make our best vase shape ever.

Second, we had 6 minutes to make that same best vase, yup, half the time!

Third, we had 10 minutes to throw off the hump, three little bowls, one minutes to center and 3 minutes per bowl.

Fourth, we had 10 minutes to again throw our best vase, WITH OUR EYES CLOSED! I LOVED this! It really brought out the feeling of the clay. I could suddenly feel the grog in the clay, as if they were boulders. It was tough not to rely on my sight when centering. When pulling the clay up, it took less pulls then I normally do and I could really feel it moving up fast.

Fifth, we had another 10 minutes to throw another best vase, but with the wheel going in the opposite direction. This felt like throwing for the very first time. Looking at the results this was my second best looking piece.

Last, we had 6 minutes to throw a super straight cylinder.

All the while, Liz was asking the class to name an animal, an article of clothing, a vehicle, and an emotion. I thought for sure I was going to have to make a happy pig, wearing a bra, riding a scooter, but NO!

After having someone take my best vase and me taking Chloe’s best bowl, I had to make a candelabra that held at least one candle and referenced consternation,  a dolphin, a t-shirt, and roller-skates.

These are the parts I had to work with


Chloe’s bowl is the one on the left, I ended up not using it so my piece would fit into the kiln.

Here, is my Dolphin Roller Derby candelabra. She is 24 inches tall. I have no idea, how I am going to glaze her. Almost tempted to leave her raw clay. We will see…


Consternation of the roller skate on the dolphin’s tale.


I cheated here by drawing instead of sculpting my t-shirt.


The roller skate was fun to make and brought back lots of childhood memories. I was going to make the old time skate that attached to the bottom of our shoes, but said heck NO, too many little details.20180711_132859_resized