Trying Lauren Karle’s Transfer Method

For a class project, I needed to find an artist who is known for hand-building functional pottery and to make a pot that is influenced by that artist.

I picked Lauren Karle due to her wonderful mugs. I purchased her “Sewing with Clay” DVD and with the help of Cheryl Crownover (my SFCC teacher), I was able to build this lidded vessel. Lauren in her video challenged others to create their own patterns to transfer onto clay. Thinking of what patterns I could use, I remembered that I had created a Cat Tessellation for another class last year and decided to modify it.

Lauren Karle Urn

Lauren Karle Urn top

Being the perfectionist that I am, I attempted to transfer my kitties again. I wanted to make two mugs out of the same textile (decorated clay slab). Unfortunately, on my first mug my slab was too dry and cracked when I attempted to shape it. Fortunately, before I shaped the next one, it occurred to me to dampened the back of my textile with a spray bottle filled with water.


Lauren Karle Mug

That was the trick, and I was able to make one mug. With the cracking problem I didn’t dare try placing and shaping 5 darts. Thinking the cracked slab has just become my glazing test tiles 🙂

I have since worked some more on my Cat Tessellation, and now have 3 transfer sheets. One for the pink cats, another for the turquoise cats, and finally one with just the eyes. I need to remember to place a register mark to help me line them all up.

This project has been quite the challenge, but I feel my Mom, the quilter, watching over me, cheering my on, from her pink balloon floating up in the sky.