Hard Slab Box Casserole Dish

I started this on Wednesday. My slab took forEVER to harden enough to put it together. When I started I had a brownie pan in mind, but the sides and corners are pretty straight. Guess that doesn’t really matter since I usually put parchment paper down before my batter.


I used this wooden foot massage to texture my slabs before I cut them out. The inside of the slab pieces were textured with a coloring texture pad that has a subtle chevron pattern.


I struggled for a few days to figure out handles that would go with the piece. Grateful I can design in my head 🙂

I decided to texture a coil with the tool above, which flattened it out a bit and made it easier to attach. I also used it to texture my two rectangle handles. I am VERY pleased with the outcome!


Now, to figure out the best glazing technique to highlight the texture…decisions, decisions…

Looking at the newspaper it is sitting on…laughing.. It’s in your hands… Love? Yes! I do!