Bowls and mugs all glazed

I spent a few hours glazing today, all my mugs and bowls (except for two) are glazed and placed on a cookie, ready for firing.


Above, I used Baily’s Red and School Bus Yellow. The bowl was dipped in yellow and the red was dropped on. The mug was dipped in red and then in the yellow, from the bottom and then from the top and side (I held the handle during the second dip).

These two were dipped in Green Haze (the mug completely, the bowl only part). Then they were partially dipped into Reitz Green. The bowl should have three different areas and the mug only two.


The cinnamon roll bowl was dipped into Spotted Shino twice, then I wiped most of the glaze off the outside but not the inside.


I dipped the above into Jet Black glaze, I will carve out a design and maybe dip again but into another color.


and lastly, I dipped this bowl into Malcolm Davis Shino glaze.


Glazing cont.


I first did some wax resist dots and wavy line on the piece on the left. Both were dipped in my favorite glaze Yellow Salt. I am hoping for some very cool browning around the carved areas. 1018172001

Below is my second of three two color combos done opposite. I used Butter Ranch and Blue Jean glaze. The piece on the right was dipped in Butter Ranch with wavy lines of Blue Jean brushed on the outside. The piece on the left was dipped in Blue Jean and a line of Butter Ranch was painted just below the rim on the outside.


I remember after I got home that I forgot to dust off my bowls before I glazed. I hope I don’t regret it.

On Thursday, I used a toothbrush to splatter the opposite color glazes on top.

Glazing Cont.

In class tonight I continued on with glazing.

1009171939These two pieces are both done with John’s Red and Lil Street Tinmoku. The mug on the right was dipped completely in John’s Red and the the top part was dipped in Lil Street Tinmoku. The chunker cylinder on the left was dipped the opposite way. You might think I am getting my colors backwards, but I am not. That is the wonder of glaze.

1009171953 Here, I dipped the mug in Butter Ranch glaze and the letters are painted on using Malcolm Dave’s Shino. I forgot and I might be cursed because I didn’t apply the shino first.




1009172003On this mug, I used wax as a mask which will leave the raw clay exposed. I  painted on a swoosh and a dot on both sides.






1009172010On the inside of the mug I used Nick’s Yellow and then dipped the whole mug in Pale Blue Celendon.

Glazing Has Begun

I did some glazing today, my very first time. It was fun. I am excited to see the end results. Hope I don’t have to wait too long. The kiln shelves looked pretty bare. First, I waxed the feet of all by bisque fired pieces.

1008171407Here, I used stickers to mask off the bisque. My plan was to use the stickers to mask off different layers of the glaze, but darn it the stickers wouldn’t stick to the dried glaze. I am praying the glaze doesn’t run and ruin my dots. The glaze I choose is yellow salt. I held the handle (shh don’t tell) to dunk it sideways into the glaze bucket. After the first dip dried I dipped the the rest of the handle. The glaze overlaps on the handle just a bit.

1008171352Here, I used blue jean glaze. I did three dips. First, whole item dipped using tongs to hold the cup. The second dip was done while holding the mug upside down, and inserted into the glaze up to the second carved groove. The third dip was again done the same as the second and dipped up to the first carved groove. I am hoping I get some cool effects in the grooves from the glaze.

1008171400Here, I choose John’s Red glaze. Again I did the three dips technique (it is an assignment). The third dip is just on the rim of the cylinder.





1008171422(1)The last item I glazed today, again using the three dip method. I used a green glaze (I forgot to text the name to myself, my bad). With this color you can really see the dips. The last dip is up toward the top.

It is fun to see the glaze in this state and the colors are so different than their names.