Glazing again!


This teapot was hand built from thrown cylinders that were sliced, and then laid flat to make slabs. Once the slabs were almost leather hard I built the teapot. The spout was a piece of slab that I spiral wrapped around my finger and then thinned out before attaching. When the piece was a bit harder I pounded it with a wooden spatula to make the shape more uniform. I pounded the bottom with a dowel to get the rounded foot. I glazed this piece with Ranch Butter.


Here, I was attempting to create our assigned convex/concave shape. When I got to the concave part, on the top, my wall got to thin and part of it caved in, so I went with it. I pulled it up and then caved it down evenly and squared it off. Lucky for me it worked for one of my three altered pieces. For the glaze I used Phil’s white, with John’s Read dropped on top. Hoping the John’s red with give me the really pretty purple in the middle of the bowl.


This is the largest piece I have thrown so far. I altered it while it was wet, I was very pleased with the trimming on it and the swoop that was created. I dipped it in Malcolm shino and dipped only part into Tenmoku.


Dipped into Malcolm shino and half into Teadust.

This is another thrown slab piece. I dipped it into School Bus Yellow, which is a white with a pretty silver purple.

Dipped in School Bus Yellow and then again in Bailey’s Red, and drops of Bailey’s Red on the inside (which cracked in parts).


This convex piece was dipped in Black and then again partially into School Bus Yellow.


This altered convex piece was dipped into Tenmoku and then again partially into Blue Jean.

All are in the kiln and should be out in a few days, can’t wait to see them!


Light & Shadows

I am taking a class called Camera Use & Art of Seeing. This week I had to set my camera on aperture priority and take a ton of photos bracketing my exposure speed down and up one f-stop. I found I prefer the minus one shots the most. I will post just a few not all 82.