Web I Final

In the spring of 2016 I took Web I at SFCC. Below is the website I design for my final project. The site displayed some of my art and crafts.

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Day 45: Today I am grateful…

Day 45: Today I am grateful for my sister Peggy and her husband J. For their dedication to caring for our aging parents. Thank you, thank you, thank you. IMG_5182_crop

Day 44: Today I am grateful…

Day 44: Today I am grateful that my Mother had the opportunity to play a violin again yesterday. She seemed to really enjoy listening to the music therapist from hospice, play the violin. When I told her goodbye she said “I will see you again!…soon.” My siblings and I realize we are grateful to operate “on Dee’s time” whatever that may be.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Day 43: Today I am grateful for…

for this treasure that my Mother made for me, by hand, a very long time ago. I always LOVED my stocking and how unique it was (well, except for the other two identical ones, with the names Mary and Peggy :o)


I can remember one year I tried it on and had a moment of panic, while I hid on the other side of the couch, from my Dad, as it was stuck on my foot and I didn’t dare rip it. Luckily, my Mom thought to “protect” the inside with some plastic, which made my foot sweat and then slide out. Thank you, thank, you, thank you!

Day 42: Today I am grateful…

Today I am grateful for learning from this youtube video, featuring my Mom,  that she bought one of her sewing machines the year I was born. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Similarly, the year my second child was born I got my first sewing machine.

This is what my Mom’s “treasure” looked like and what I and my three sisters (and maybe brothers?) learned to sew on.

306K Singer Sewing Machine

I joke that I grew up with Martha Stewart. Mom earned a degree in home economics with a minor in nutrition.  These served her well! She managed to raise six children on a budget which allowed my father to retire at the young age of 57 and then they traveled the world.


These are some of the many outfits Mom made with that sewing machine. That is cute me in the middle, with my first Barbie who would soon have her hair chopped short thanks to my brother Bill’s influence.

When I was a bit older, I remember one year, right before Christmas, Mom brought me into her bedroom. Where she had her sewing machine set up. She blind folded me. Then undressed me and dressed me again. All with the blindfold on. She would not even let me touch the material, as she did her fitting. When she was done working that day I went into her room and looked everywhere, even in the trash, for a scrap of material, or a piece of thread, but sadly there were no hints of what she was making me. She was good at hiding her evidence. It wasn’t until years later that her cedar chest hiding place was revealed to me.

A celebration of Life!

My Mother will be floating up in her “polka dotted hot air balloon” very soon.  I am blessed with the ability to be by her side, with my Father, my many siblings and my son as we celebrate the spectacular life, my Mother lived for over 90 years. The picture above was taken this time last year when we celebrated Dad’s 90th and Mom’s upcoming 90th Birthdays. We had a blast playing Mikkelsen trivia. Yes, I did win!

I am sure the days ahead will be filled with tears of joy and many more of sadness. So hard to say goodbye…so grateful for the ability!